We first remove all the old vinyl,slings and parts. Then we sandblast the frames and inspect all welds and hardware. All cracked or broken welds are repaired and all hardware reoplaced if needed. We then powdercoat the farmes, put new vinyl/slings in and reglide all feet and caps. Depending on how much your furniture is used, we suggest an inspection of glides every 6 months. Glides are low cost and help your furniture move without causing damage to the furniture frames. We also recommend replacing any plastic or nylon chaise brackets on a yearly basis.

View our variety of replacement parts here.



18 year old furniture set; Before & After

We can make your old furniture look new again.

Over time, your furniture may become weathered and worn, but we are happy to offer you a solution. We provide complete services on your existing furniture, including:

  • Refinishing
  • Re-strapping. We take off the old vinyl and clean the frames before strapping. All cracked or broken welds are repaired or replaced and we put new glides and caps on.
  • Re-sling. Same proceedure as  re strap
  • Body repairs; Umbrella and Cabana repairs also available
New Sling Installation; Before & After

New Commercial Patio Furniture. ALSO powder-coating, sandblasting, refinish, restrap, resling




WE TAKE MOST MAJOR CREDIT CARDS. There will be an 3% add on fee


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