Caring for Your Products

Maintenance Instructions


Furniture:   OUTDOOR FURNITURE: We recommend a regular maintenance program for your furniture. The frames and vinyl should be washed with a mild liquid detergent (such as Dawn dishwashing liquid) ABOUT once a month. THERE IS NO NEED TO WASH YOUR FURNITURE DAILY. WIPING IT DOWN WITH A TOWEL IN THE MORNING IS GOOD ENOUGH TO KEEP THE DIRT OFF YOUR FURNITURE. DO NOT USE WELL WATER OR UNFILTERED WATER TO CLEAN YOUR FURNITURE THAT COULD STAIN THE FURNITURE. 


Should you neglect to clean your furniture regularly and mildew builds up we recommend the use of DAWN DISH SOAP, DILUTED BLEACH OR a vinyl cleaner to remove the mildew (such as Casual Clean), which can be purchased through Casual Craft, LLC.


We recommend the use of a towel ON YOUR FURNITURE when using suntan lotions and oils.


Do not place your outdoor furniture into a swimming pool or Jacuzzi under any circumstance. Never use any kind of solvent, gasoline, alcohol, ammonia based cleaner, undiluted bleach, abrasive janitorial cleaner, scouring agent, or any other harsh or industrial strength cleaner, as this may damage your furniture and void your warranty. Never position your furniture to allow moisture to accumulate inside the tubing, where it may then freeze during the winter months and may split the tubing.




Cushions:   If you have cushions they should be vacuumed and washed regularly to prevent dirt, salt, and other contaminants from penetrating into the core of the material.

The zippers are for manufacturing convenience and aesthetic purposes only, not for washing purposes. The core foam and wrap must be removed from from your cushions and the wash covers only in a washing machine.

Never place your cushions in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi, as this will fade and ruin them. Always read the instructions carefully when using any cleaners.


Tables:   Acrylic tops and fiberglass tops should be cleaned with a mild liquid detergent (such as Endust).

Glass tops can be cleaned with any glass cleaner.


Always rinse thoroughly after cleansing and never use any harsh abrasives or solvent cleaners. Never place your table tops into your pool or Jacuzzi. Never place your fiberglass tables upside down where water can accumulate and cause swelling of the tops.


Umbrellas:   The upper pole and ribs of umbrellas should be lubricated with WD-40 or silicone spray, but do not lubricate the crank mechanism.

Always close your umbrella and remove it from the table when not in use.

Safety Precautions


Never move or adjust chaise lounge or recliner headrests while seated, get up from the chaise lounge or recliner to make the necessary adjustments while standing. Do not place hot items directly on any of the table tops. Never use umbrellas during windy conditions, and remember to close and/or remove umbrellas from tables when not in use.

New Commercial Patio Furniture. ALSO powder-coating, sandblasting, refinish, restrap, resling




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